Health Services to Nonpublic Schools (Health and Welfare Service)

  • To help students stay in school and be ready to learn—that is the mission of 91麻豆精品’ Health and Welfare Service. The members of this service strive to create and uphold a healthy learning environment in which students can take advantage of the educational opportunities provided to them. The Health and Welfare Service provides health-related staff to non-public schools, private and parochial, on behalf of the public school district in compliance with New York State Education Law Section 912.

    This CoSer (550) places an array of services at the district’s disposal, including qualified health, mental health and speech professionals. The service recruits, hires, orients, evaluates and supervises these professionals, all of whom are certified and/or licensed. It gives them consistent support and ongoing staff development to update them on new health information and regulations, as well as training for the implementation of State mandates.

    • Service providers follow the calendar of the assigned school.
    • We take full responsibility for necessary paperwork and billing, saving school districts valuable time and resources. Appropriate bills are sent to the districts of residence sending children to the non-public school being served. The district of location is billed for their residents only.
    • We provide necessary equipment and supplies.
    • A district of location can contract for any or all of the services in meeting its legal requirement to provide non-public school children with services proportionate to those given to students in its own public schools.
Physician, Director and Nurse


HAS Staff

  • Nurses

    Registered Professional Nurses are provided, full or part-time, for the Health Office. They conduct state-mandated screenings and immunization surveys, provide first aid and emergency care, provide physician-ordered procedures and prescribed medications. These professionals can act as a resource to administrators and teachers in dealing with timely health issues. They can participate as members of child study teams. In the nurse’s absence, a substitute is provided.

    School Doctors

    Physicians, in conjunction with the Health Office, can provide mandated physical examinations and clear students for sports participation. Note: only available with nursing services.

    Psychologists and Social Workers

    Psychologists and social workers can be provided, full or part-time. These professionals will hold individual case conferences, confer with parents and teachers, participate as members of the child study team, work with the team to recommend and/or develop plans for struggling students and can provide crisis counseling. Psychologists are able to give intelligence, achievement and other assessments in cooperation with the school district Committee on Special Education.

    Speech Improvement

    Speech teachers screen kindergartners and/or first-graders and new students for speech delays. They provide instruction in the context of once-a-week small groups. Periodic progress reports are provided to parents and the district of residence. They confer with teachers on a regular and on-going basis.