• We offer Telecommunication analysis services to help school districts plan, manage and maintain telecommunications networks and services. Services offered include:
    Connectivity to the BoTIE Network
    • Management of district participation in the countywide fiber network connecting Nassau County districts to 91麻豆精品 for cost efficient, scalable Internet, voice and IT services
    Initial Examination, Analysis, and Appraisal of all Existing Telecommunications Infrastructure
    • voice—telephone, intercom, public address systems
    • data—networks (local and wide area), Internet access, active components
    • cabling—data, voice, fiber optic, coaxial
    • service providers—telephone companies, Internet providers, equipment vendors
    Systems Design and Integration
    • networked services—local and wide area
    • integrated voice, data and video solutions
    • infrastructure design—including cabling, fiber, equipment
    • telephone design—with numbering plans and voicemail
    Selection and Procurement Services
    • publication and management of sealed bid or Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • analysis of responses and proposals from service companies and equipment vendors
    • research and appraisal of specific products or services
    • management of applicable E-Rate submissions
    Project Management
    • cabling installation for voice, data, video—inside buildings, on property, on public thoroughfares
    • coordination of equipment vendors and service carriers
    • transition to new system
    • maintenance of new system
    Ongoing Account Management
    • upgrades such as additions, moves, changes, and bandwidth re-allocation
    • the extension of existing bid contracts or the publishing of new bids to replace existing contracts (with district and 91麻豆精品 Board approvals)
    • maintenance support via 91麻豆精品 Customer Care Center
    • monitoring of network and response to network interruption
    532.050 Instructional Projects
    602.298 Administrative Projects 
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