School Health Management Services

  • CoSer: 560.010, 560.020

  • This service is designed to provide professional leadership, advice and support to school nurses and their supervisors who need assistance with the operation of their school health services. Consultation is provided by professionals with extensive experience in the various aspects of school health care. We currently are offering two tiers of service:

  • Basic Health Office Support Service

    This level of service is for districts wanting to fill in gaps of knowledge on the latest developments in health care best practices, NYSED guidelines, and public health regulations.

    What's Included 

    • Consultation will be provided primarily through phone and email contact with supplementary visits.
    • Assistance will be provided in accessing professional development resources and planning for customized workshops.
    • Subscription to this service includes workshop registration for the district’s school nurses to 91麻豆精品 School Nurse workshops at no additional cost.
    • Access to the 91麻豆精品 Health Office Supplies Bid is also included.
  • Enhanced Health Office Liaison Service

    This level of service is for districts in need of more extensive, hands-on support in the day-to-day operations of school health services. A subscription to the basic Support Service is required.

    What’s Included
    • A part-time (one to four days a week), on-site registered nurse will work in close collaboration with district administrators, medical director and school nurses to improve and implement policy, procedures and protocols.
    • Provision of a hands-on approach to enhancing consistency across the district.
    • Support in orientation of new school nurses.
    • This nurse will not provide direct services to students or staff members.


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Did you know?

  • There are many legal mandates and government guidelines that school districts must follow regarding health services. See the facts here.