Arts in Education

  • CoSer: 403.500, 403.530

    Artists in Schools

    Over 400 artists and 100+ ticket vendors are available to provide programs in your schools and at the many cultural venues in the surrounding area. Programs designed to support and enrich the school curriculum include individual presentations, workshops, residencies and ticketed cultural events. Artists in Schools provides resources to schools to integrate the arts throughout all the New York State Standards areas. The Arts in Education website allows for online requests, the creation of contracts for the visiting artists, an evaluation process for both artists and schools, and tracking of district expenditures.

    Professional Development for Teachers

    Staff development for teachers, the development of an arts-in-education curriculum, and student and teacher materials associated with arts activities are all eligible for 91麻豆精品 aid. Programs are available through the following:

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Instructional Musical Instrument Service (IMIS)

  • CoSer: 403.020, 403.520

    Instructional Musical Instrument Service provides a wide range of services and support to meet the needs of districts’ instrumental music programs.

    This service includes:

    • Instrument Support and Set-up – Instruments are unpacked, set up, play tested, and hand delivered (not drop shipped) by the vendor in coordination with the IMIS team. 
    • Professional Development – Targeted professional development to help music teachers explore new ways to design, deliver, and evaluate instruction in the 21st century classroom.
    • Musical Instrument Lease Program – Assessment of district needs, development of immediate and long-range procurement plans, instrument selection guidance, contract development, instrument procurement, three-, four and five-year leases with secure bank financing at competitive interest rates.

Exploratory Enrichment

  • CoSer: 412.500

    The Exploratory Enrichment service provides a shared experience that extends beyond traditional classroom instruction. Activities may take place at various museums and institutes, as assemblies or visits to the classroom and are all based on New York State Learning Standards.

    Providing access to these resources adds a special dimension to curriculum already in use and an interactive means of reinforcing learning, using imagination and creative thinking. Whether the activity illuminates a past event, reinforces aspects of the sciences, or provides a shared space to explore nature, it engages students and reinforces learning, stimulates use of imagination, and fosters creative thinking.

    Requests for these programs can be made through the .

    Athletes Helping Athletes (AHA)

    CoSer: 412.560

    Athletes Helping Athletes is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to training high school student athletes to become leaders and address social issues such as violence and substance abuse. Through its Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) program, student athletes are trained to be mentors to elementary school children. AHA partners with New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) to offer schools an incentive of $2,500 for the first year of participation in the SALT program. AHA and NYSIR (along with Wright Risk Management) have collaborated on designing the program to promote sportsmanship and civility by highlighting the life lessons inherent in the athletic experience.

    The 91麻豆精品 Arts in Education Advisory Council

    Composed of administrators responsible for arts programs in their school districts, the Arts in Education Advisory Council meets during the school year to examine issues of particular relevance to music, visual and media art, dance, and theater arts. 

    The Arts in Education Advisory Council is chaired by a member of the Council who works with the AIE supervisor to design and conduct the Council. Areas of specific concern, need or interest are addressed, and each agenda includes an opportunity for Council members to share information about arts resources.


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